Cryoshield PTY Ltd was established in 1986 as a close corporation and in 2009 as a Pty limited.

We are the leading local developer, manufacturer and distributor of the Geomet Knife Gate and Diaphragm Valves and provide much needed specialized services.

Cryoshield PTY Ltd services are developed under the guidance of applicable SANS Standards for verification laboratory SANS 10378 and employs a written policy and procedure manual to ensure all calibration work is performed in a uniform manner. All road tanker calibration work is conducted in strict accordance with SANS 10378, SANS 344 Standard, and the Legal & Metrology Act Manufacturing is conducted in line with the International organization of Standardization (ISO 9001) Standards.

Cryoshield is a BBBEE level 1 contributor.

Our Goal

Our goal is to deliver exceptional value to our clients by applying our services and engineering-solution expertise to optimize their operational performance.

Our after-sale people and technicians are always available to work closely with our clients to provide technical assistance and training services.

Our Mission

To proudly provide creative solutions that fulfil our customer’s unique demands.

Our Philosophy

Putting people first, and by providing a work place environment that creates job satisfaction, security, and opportunities for personal development.

Ensuring our staff is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Pursuing partnerships with our clients and suppliers, benchmarking performance levels and setting improvement targets.

Maintaining an ongoing commitment to implementing technological advancements.


We are committed to

Providing customers with high quality products and services which meet requirements

Continually improving the effectiveness and working in line with the quality management system

Ensuring everyone is responsible for the quality within the company and for maintaining high standards

Cryoshield PTY Ltd strives to combine application expertise, innovative product technology and advanced engineering to truly create a value-added partnership with our customers. Our products offer outstanding performance in isolation and control in various forms of media across a wide range of application requirements.

Cryoshield PTY Ltd services and products provide high performance and increased sensitivity to the environment to help reduce customer risk locally manufactured and maximize production.

Knife Gate and Diaphragm Valve Manufacturer and Supplier

Cryoshield PTY Ltd is a leading local developer, manufacturer and distributor of the Geomet Knife Gate and Diaphragm Valves, which is used, in pipelines of pulp and paper mills, mineral processing & tailing systems of mining industry, water, waste & sewage processing for utilities and industries, ash processing of power stations and many other applications.

Our knife gate products offer bi-directional zero leakage shutoff, self-cleaning and self-purging capabilities to handle heavy slurries including saturated and viscous media, which cause severe scaling in the pipeline.

Our diaphragm valves handle more fluids, gases, solids, and powder than any other type of valve.
Extended life, reliability, safety and ease of use, combined with an essentially simple design, to facilitate low maintenance and minimal running costs. This feature reduces processing and handling costs by cutting out the waste normally associated with conventional valve designs

Our valves are among the highest quality and one of the most technologically advanced valves on the market. Our valves provide solutions for applications, where downstream leakage cannot be tolerated and is often required in mining, power, and process industries.

Our manufacturing capabilities include but are not limited to:

CNC machining – lathes and machining centres

Manual machining – lathes and milling machines

Fabrication – MIG, TIG and SPOT welding of a wide range of materials

Assemblies – we are able to utilize our extensive experience to include assembly work.

Efforts to grow the manufacturing industry are in place, which will steadily have a tangible impact on local job creation. We keep focusing our development team to make this technology go as far as possible nationally and internationally.

Road Tanker Calibration Services

Cryoshield PTY Ltd provides Roadtanker & Vessel calibration services, commonly known as “verification of flow meters for cryogenics liquids” which is the procedure for measuring the cryogenics product in road tankers, or any cryogenic liquids container to provide the necessary flow rate.

All Calibration work including calculation and certification is performed to SANS 10378 system, checks and balance procedures ensure that all measurements and computations are in accordance with the noted standards and in conjunction with the trade and metrology act.


Flow meters verification of cryogenic liquids

Manufacturing of knife gate and diaphragm valves

Design and implement new quality systems

General machining

Special projects (NHBRC certified)


Cryoshield PTY Ltd is SANAS certified for “Volumn Measuring Instruments”

Facility Accredited Number LTF 0321

Certificate of Authority – Legal Metrology

Designation number LM 049 V

Verification Officers – Category VE

BBBEE level 1 contributor

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